AL-Borouj Misr

Location: Golf Porto Marina North Coast
Scale: 33,000 square meters



North Coast is an 8000 square meter integrated mixed-use revolutionary 39 floor iconic tower overlooking the commercial skyline portraying breathtaking views from the peak of The New Administrative Capital. Alchemy Design Studios have been commissioned to complete the interior design of North Coast including the reception and lobby areas as well as the signature branded furnished hotel apartments. ALCHEMY is a leading Egyptian design firm that focuses its creative approach on a multi-cultural understanding that is inspired by different urban narratives.


Boundless Facilities

Where everything is at your fingertips, Sixty Business Park fuses practicality and convenience. Catering to everyday necessities, featuring an array of facilities with spacious parking spaces and drop off areas, our visitors can quickly access supermarkets, a pharmacy, laundry services and much more.

Bespoke working environment

Upscale brands

Underground Parking