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“Al Burouj Egypt” contracts with “Alchemy” consulting office for interior designs for the 6ixty Iconic Tower project in the Administrative Capital

Al-Borouj Egypt has contracted with the “Alchemy Design and Engineering Consultancy” office to take over the tasks of the interior design consultant in its new project, 6ixty Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital, as part of the company’s plan to provide a distinguished real estate product with international specifications and quality for its project clients. Alchemy’s design and engineering consultancy office has more than 25 years of experience in the field of interior design for commercial, medical, hotel and residential projects through projects it has implemented in the Egyptian market with major real estate development companies, including New Giza and Sea Shell for Tourism Development, Alamin hotel, Hacienda white and Abu tig hill Gouna projects. And Fanadir bay Gouna and Swan lake and outside Egypt in France, Italy, Dubai in the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it includes specialized engineering cadres with experience in consulting and engineering work for high-rise projects. The contract was signed by Eng. Mohamed El-Asi, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Borouj Egypt, and Eng. Karim Mikhtijan, CEO of “Alchemy” Office for Design and Engineering Consultations, in the presence of Osama Waguih, Managing Director of Al-Borouj Egypt. Engineer Mohamed El-Assy, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Borouj Egypt, said that the company always seeks to provide a distinguished real estate product that achieves the highest investment return for its clients in its projects. Therefore, it chooses engineering consultancy offices with experience, specialization and previous work in its projects, and its choice of “Alchemy” office achieves the goal of this vision. Al-Assi explained that the strategy of “Al-Borouj Egypt” in the real estate market is based on the implementation of high-quality projects with different specifications that ensure strong competition within the real estate sector, noting that the company plans to start implementation work on its new project during the third quarter of this year within the implementation plan. Al-Assi added that the company is keen to implement the 6ixty Iconic Tower project in the New Administrative Capital at the highest level of quality in terms of design, planning and interior decoration. Therefore, it contracted with the “Alchemy” office, especially since the project is the second highest tower in the Administrative Capital after the one implemented by the state. In the same context, Engineer Karim Mekhtijan, CEO and co-founder of “Alchemy” for designs and engineering consultancy, said, “We are excited to cooperate with a company the size of Al Burouj Egypt,” especially that it has succeeded, during its presence in the real estate market, in developing a portfolio of diversified projects, and it is among the largest real estate companies investing in the Administrative Capital. The new. Mekhtijan explained that the office aims to transfer its expertise externally and internally to make a difference in the interior design, decorations and furnishing of the “6ixty Iconic Tower” project, which represents the first projects of high-rises that require a special quality of interior designs commensurate with the size of the project. Mikhtijan expressed his happiness with this cooperation with Al-Borouj Egypt, saying that his office aims to continue cooperation in the company’s future projects in the real estate market. Al-Borouj Egypt had contracted the English office (DSA ARCHITECT INTERNATIONAL), which has 35 years of experience in the field of designing towers and skyscrapers, to design its new project (sixty iconic tower) in the New Administrative Capital. Al-Borouj Egypt is developing the Sixty Iconic Tower project in the financial and business district of the New Administrative Capital, with investments of 1.7 billion pounds, and it will be implemented within 3 years. The sales area is more than 55 thousand square meters.

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