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Wassim Odeh, Director of Sales, Al-Borouj Egypt: “Sixty Iconic Tower” is the first skyscraper to be built by the private sector

Wassim Odeh, director of the sales sector at Al-Borouj Egypt, confirmed in exclusive statements to the Economic Post that the “Sixty Iconic Tower” project in the financial and business district of the New Administrative Capital is the first skyscraper to be built by the private sector, and the second in the region after the iconic tower, which is being built by the state. Odeh added that the project was launched last March of the current year 2021, with investments amounting to one billion seven hundred pounds, with a sales target of 3 billion and 500 pounds. Iconic and Chinese zodiac live. The project includes commercial, administrative, medical and hotel units. The sale of the first phase has been completed, and we are preparing to sell the second phase as well. Odeh stated that a contract was made with DSA, an engineering consultant, which is an English company that has a strong global experience and reputation in the field of engineering consultancy and designs for such huge projects that require accuracy and realism in designs and engineering drawings until the design becomes feasible, and we can maintain it on a regular basis. . And Nawa Odeh Ali that the general policy and strategy of Al-Borouj Company is always keen to take the lead in presenting the most distinguished and best ideas and specifications through modern real estate projects that contribute to the development and renaissance of the Egyptian real estate sector, and guarantee its clients excellence and individualization and achieve the best investment returns, and within the framework of that policy and constant pursuit To provide a real estate product with international specifications, we contracted with “Al-Kami” for designs and engineering consultancy to take over the interior designs of the “Sixty Iconic Tower” project, a company with global experience extending for more than 25 years in the field of interior designs for commercial, administrative and medical projects. Odeh also added that the company that will take over the management and operation of the project will come as a surprise to all our customers and will be announced within the next few weeks. Waseem Odeh, Director of Sales, Borouge Egypt, commented on the current competition in the real estate market, especially in the Administrative Capital, as a healthy investment climate for the state and for customers stemming from the strength of the administrative capital as a huge national project that we desperately needed. Significantly, and this competition allows customers to choose from among many projects, and all companies and real estate developers, especially the modern ones, must be aware of the size of the responsibility entrusted to them and that the projects are studied before they are presented in all respects and the mechanism of implementation.

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